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The Real Reason(s) Why You’re Not Losing Weight

You might be sticking strictly to your eating routine or working out like there’s no tomorrow, but you just can’t seem to see the weight come off. Possibilities are you are not doing the following:

You only do cardio
If you’re only doing cardio, then that’s a first mistake. Mingling cardio with weight lifting aids weight loss easier since weight lifting builds muscle mass to enhance metabolic rate. Thanks to a revved-up metabolic process, you’ll continue shedding calories long after you take off your shoes.

You exclude whole food groups
Cutting out an entire food group might trigger additional cravings to foods that you lack. Focus on consuming better substitutes such as whole grains instead of white carbs. But still, controlling the portion is still required.

You don’t drink water
Drinking water prior to a meal helps you eat lesser, and it can even boost metabolism and dissuade sugar cravings.

You never indulge
A couple of fries or a piece of chocolate isn’t damaging on your diet plans – go on and indulge! As long as you keep your calories intake under control for that day, not exceeding an extra 600 calories, you are still in the safe zone.

You consume too many healthy foods
Moderation is the key to controlling caloric intake. Healthy foods aren’t void of calories, for example an entire avocado has over 200 calories.

You are not sleeping enough
Insufficient sleep affects your body’s ability in controlling hunger where appetite-stimulating hormones are increased. Snooze away as early as you can for great body, and also great skin!

You exercise with an empty stomach
Eating before working out fuels your body with energy for better performance and provides your body the ability to burn calories from fats instead of muscle mass.

You are too stressed out
Anxiety makes you put on weight where you tend to eat more, especially sugary foods, when your mind is tense. Dance, shop, hike to relax and loosen up and also lose calories!


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